I celebrated my civil wedding, or "standesamtliche Hochzeit" in my hometown, New York City, this May.  It was the most memorable and beautiful experience of my life! These pictures are from the evening before when I debuted our JOVAN dress.


But, the entire evening almost did not happen. For over a year, I did not give myself the time and space to take time off from building j.jackman.  What finally got me to start the process was some not-so-gentle nudging from my family. After it all, I see so clearly that taking time off - even in small doses at a time - was the best thing I could have done. It made me remember what is most important to me: my relationship with my now husband, my family, and my friends.


The JOVAN dress is a little reminder of this experience. It was the first piece I designed specifically for my wedding celebrations and for our special occasion collection. I had made the decision in early 2018 to steer the design direction for j.jackman to focus on business and occasion wear. "Why do both?" I am often asked. 


For me it is clear: busy women building their own empires are more successful when they also take time off to celebrate and relax. We want to be there for you at these moments, too.



Jovan is wearing the JOVAN Dress



j.jackman is a Berlin-based label focused on high quality workwear and occasion wear.​ We are proudly made in Germany, producing all our pieces in our Berlin-based atelier. Read more here.

Photography by Constantin Witt-Dörring