In the fall of 2015, I sat at my work desk after getting the promotion I worked so hard for, and I realized that despite the successes I had in my corporate career, I was not making a real difference to the world. 

I was not in a position to dedicate my life to building schools in underprivileged parts of the world. But, I could make a change by simply buying from companies who produced in socially responsible and sustainable ways. 

Today, 80% of womenswear is made by mostly young, female garment workers in Asia who earn on average 50% below living wage levels.

At j.jackman, we make beautiful clothing fairly in Germany.

Our Berlin-based craftswomen on average earn 2 times the German hourly minimum wage. We do this because we believe honest, good work should be rewarded.


Also, the fashion industry takes a serious toll on our environment.

16% of all insecticides used worldwide are sprayed on cotton alone. Equally detrimental is the level of waste caused by throwing away low-quality clothes worn only a few times. The average German consumer  discards a new piece of clothing in less than 3 years after it was purchased.

Our version of sustainability does not end at using locally produced or organic fabrics. We keep a small stock to reduce waste and design pieces you will love now and in 10 years from now.

For us, fair and sustainable production is just common sense.
That's why we make all our pieces in small batches, fairly in our Berlin atelier. 

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