Monday Made Easy is a curated selection of business looks perfect for Monday mornings when we all can do with one fewer thing to care about. Each office outfit features a j.jackman piece and hand-picked accessories from brands with great style and sustainable production principles we love.

Pair our SANDRA wrap skirt with your everyday light blue button-up for an unexpectedly chic color contrast. Because the skirt itself already makes a statement, go for nude accessories to round out the look without being too much for the office.

SANDRA Skirt by j.jackman

Pumps Mayganda, Notebook Ein Guter Plan, Earrings Fremdformat, Purse Angela Miklas

We love this business look for more conservative offices or all-business client meetings. The red touches give the gray and black combination of our KENDRA dress a little something special.


KENDRA DRESS by j.jackman

Purse Yeba EssentialsPumps Lucy Choi, Nail Polish Ella + Mila