#bossladies with a conscience
"I'm the boss"
Every woman has an inner #bosslady. We make clothes for her. 
Our fabulous dresses scream "I'm the boss" when you walk into a room without you having to say a single word.
Do you want to know the best part, though?
We make all of our pieces sustainably in Germany. That means fair treatment for our team, honest fabrics, and low waste.
In some ways, you can have it all. 


A great pair of trousers and comfortable flats have their time and place - just not in our world.
We embrace the process of putting in the effort for the times when you want to look your best at the office (or frankly, just because).
That's why our focus is to put fabulous #bosslady style on your workwear radar. Each 1st of the month, we introduce new figure-flattering silhouettes to you in bold colors with a few feminine details to tie it all together.


Sustainability is in our DNA. 
When founder, Jovan, started the brand, her vision was first and foremost to make a difference in the fashion game with sustainability.
We want to create beautiful pieces that are made ethically and with the lowest possible carbon footprint. That is why we manufacture each of our pieces with our own team in our atelier in Germany. 
We also only use natural, European-made or organic fabrics and follow low-waste production principles. 

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When it comes to shopping more consciously, we like to say: "better is good".  
That is, we believe in taking steps to buy better. The start to this is being informed.
So that you can know what and who you are supporting when you buy from us, we aim to be open and honest about what we do at j.jackman.
Join founder, Jovan, every Thursday for our Transparency Thursday sessions where she speaks openly about what we are working on and why.