Natsuko is one of those women who exudes calming elegance. She’s the modern-day renaissance woman: wife, mom, and entrepreneur. All this on top of being warm, ultra-stylish and breathtakingly beautiful. 


We caught up with her at her beautiful roof-top home in Mühlheim to speak about how she does it all and her thoughts on trying out fair fashion, while never compromising elegant style.  

fair fashion damenmode made in germany

On her job...

I advise Japanese entrepreneurs and companies on business strategy and product development by connecting them with organic farmers, factories, and suppliers from all over the the world.  Together we develop organic products and promote sustainable systems. I am often on business trips, both in Europe and outside as well. This year I visited the Dominican Republic and Israel, and there are more countries coming up for this year. 


On inspiration to follow her passion...

In my twenties, I was able to work on international government projects in Bolivia and Mexico with indigenous and poor local farmers. There I saw first-hand how food, which is exported to developed countries like Japan, was grown and produced. It felt as though it was brought to our tables on the backs of the sacrifices of poor people.  I was furious but, at the same time, sad because I myself was also supporting this unfair and absurd industry. 


This inspired me to want to change the global system and to show the world that we can have an alternative way of living. For me, this way is based in organic farming. So I ended up studying this in Germany and gained a master degree in Organic Agriculture.  

On her "go-to" business look when she wants to impress at work...

Style wise I’d go for a blazer with a great dress or skirt.  Increasingly though, I want to wear fair fashion.  It reinforces what I believe and that what I am doing is in the right direction.  It also gives me confidence, and confidence is everything in my line of work.


On her definition of fair fashion...

Buying fair fashion to me means common sense.  Some people care about people only within a 5 meter radius from them: their families, children and friends.  But we are all somebody's children. Not just us humans, but animals, insects, plants: all kinds of creatures on this earth.  And for me, this is just common sense that we protect not only our own children, but those of others. Supporting fair fashion brands contributes to that at a larger scale. 

fair fashion damenmode made in germany

On discovering fair fashion...

After I gave birth, my perspective completely changed. Before my baby boy came to the world, I sometimes bought fast fashion. But after, I just felt I couldn’t make that compromise anymore.  I can't ignore social inequality, resource waste, or destruction of ecological balance and biodiversity by buying what’s inexpensive and convenient.  What’s worse is the thought that the costs of these actions will fall on next generations, like my son and his children and their children. 

And her last words...

I believe getting ready and choosing what to wear in the morning is everyone’s ritual. It’s like questioning yourself and who you want to be. Since you do this ritual everyday, I believe overtime you become the person you wish for. That is why for me, it is important to choose a fair fashion brand. These brands stand for the values I care about and their concepts are something I want to carry within me as a person.


Natsuko is wearing the KENDRA Dress and last season's REMY blouse. 



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Photography by Austin Soleil.