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power dressing

Fabulous dresses that give you the confidence to get what you want.


For us, sustainability is just common sense.
In our view, sustainability starts with timeless design and quality that lasts.
It also means responsible production in 3 ways.

Fair Production

Fair wages and production in our Berlin atelier.

Natural Materials

Fine European and organic materials.

Low Waste

Limited edition, small-batch production.

Bringing out your inner #bosslady

by founder, Jovan

In today's world, there are a billion of other sites you could be on, but you chose to be here. Thank you!

I remember when I was just starting out and struggling to be seen and heard in a competitive corporate world.

Then I discovered my inner #bosslady.

I found in me the courage to say what I meant, demand what I I deserved, and to be generous enough to think about the bigger impact I was having. A huge part of that was knowing that I looked damned good while doing those things, too.


j.jackman is for your inner #bosslady. Here you will find what I believe to be the ultimate power piece: the perfectly tailored, "IT" dress you wear on your way to getting what you want.

And do you want to know the best part is? 

Each of our dresses is made from only natural materials, sustainably by our team of seamstresses in Berlin.  

That's what we are building, step by step, with you.

For #bossladies only

Join other in-the-know bossladies with fabulous taste and high standards. As a welcome gift, you can enjoy a complimentary organic cotton FAVORITE TEE shirt on your next purchase with us*.

Welcome, you #bosslady

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